About Us

Royall Decoration was established for want of a high quality and integrous painting and decorating service. Our domestic clients were needing a trustworthy and professional service that cared for them and their homes. Our commercial clients were seeking assurance that their hard work and reputation would be honoured and polished as it rightly should. Royall Decoration has proven a successful bridge between the personable domestic Decorator and the professional commercial painting contractor. Delivering decorative excellence on every project.

The services we offer

Meticulous Preparation and Customer care
We take time to ensure all necessary protection is in place for flooring, furniture and personal effects. When preparing surfaces for coating we utilise modern technology and traditional techniques to ensure the legacy of our work stands the test of time and is enjoyed for years to come.

Industry Leading Sanding and Dust Extraction
We have the equipment and the skills to perform this exacting preparation with minimal mess. Making for a comfortable process for craftsperson and client alike.

Spray Applications
Be it the fine finishing of cabinetry or woodwork, or the efficient painting of a new build home. We have the spray systems and operatives to exceed expectations in quality and efficiency.

Hand painted kitchens
When a 'human touch' is preferred we can specify an appropriate preparation and coating system to modernise dated kitchens that can handle life at the heart of the home.

The sympathetic restoration of Period Properties.
Houses with a rich history require sensitive remodelling. Building upon trusted conservation frameworks can ensure your home goes forth happily telling the stories of then and now.

Traditional Lime Plastering and Repointing
Beautiful, tactile and breathable. Our work with Lime allows old buildings to perform the way they were designed to. Making for a healthier and more harmonious environment.

Breathable coatings-Limewash, distempers and mineral finishes.
What were once the few decorative finishes available are now the avant garde of natural interiors for their dynamic depth and lustre- healthy for the body and home.

Sash Window and Casement Window Restoration or replacement
We can supply and fit new double glazed timber windows or breathe new life into your originals. For painted timber windows we use a linseed based system which does not trap moisture and exacerbate rot unlike modern plastic paints. A full restoration could include draft proofing, national trust certified resin repairs, timber replacements, breathable coatings and sealants. Returning windows back to their former glory and functionality.